Our services


“Avanti-Development” offers a full-service approach to its General contractor services in organization of dwelling, office and real estate building: from the developing of technical task jointly with a Client to putting an object into operation.

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Our professional team of project managers and our own building department allow to organize quickly and with high quality “turn-key” building and put into exploitation retail networks of banks, pharmacies, trading companies all over Ukraine.

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Great experience, qualified specialists and partner relations with suppliers of materials give us opportunity to provide high quality of work in terms according to agreements.

We execute the complex of building and installation, and finishing works including setting of heating, conditioning and ventilation systems, systems of the fire and guard warning, electric installation works, external networks, equipping with modern amenities of territory.

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Planning and implementation of works on energy providing of shopfloors, administrative and trading lodgings of different complication – from installation of external networks and transforming stations (up to 35 kW) to layout of internal networks and setting of electric shields.

Existence of our own project group, productive base and testing laboratory allow us to execute the whole complex of “turn-key” services with maximal quality, which is especially important for Customers with high requirements to energy safety of objects.

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Full cycle of energy willow plantations

1.The company sells planting material (cuttings). Planting works are doing in spring (March-May) and autumn (November) periods.

2.Provide the service of establishment of SRC willow by special planting machine Egedal

3.Provide the service of pre-planting site preparation for planting SRC willow

4.Provide the service of harvesting of willow and poplar plantations (harvesting period November-February) To get more information on these services please contact us via: tel: +38 044 278 31 44 or e-mail: info@salix-energy.com

Level of our competence is supported by examples of finished objects and grateful reviews of our clients.