Heat energy

Easy to use, low prices, convenience, environmental friendliness compared to coal or fuel oil - all this makes natural gas a very popular source of energy in the utilities sector for the production of thermal energy.

But gas prices increased, and not only private companies but also state and local budgets cannot pay for it. Authorities and companies began to seek solutions and alternative energy sources that can replace expensive natural gas, and projects in the field of renewable energy sources have become interesting for investors in Ukraine.

In 2013, the company Avanti –Development Ltd. began studying the issue of boiler plant which work on solid fuels for the production of thermal energy, and this direction was identified as strategic for company raise in the future in 2014.

As the main fuel for boiler plants company chosed wood chips from energy plantations of short rotation crops Salix Viminalis. This type of fuel for company’s boilers will supply the subsidiary company "Salix Energy"that is signed in a partnership agreement on the supply of wood chips.

In 2014, the company Avanti -Development realized 3 projects on reconstruction of gas boilers in the urban community Ivanichi (Volyn region). The results of the projects were solid solid fuel boilers installed. The total installed capacity was 3.4 MW of thermal power. Implementation of the project in Ivanichi allows saving more than 600 thousand cubes of natural gas nowadays, and supplying "green" heat energy to local schools, hospitals, kindergartens, local authorities and other social consumers.

Realization of these projects is the first experience of using wood chips of SRC willow crops for heat energy production in Ukraine. Now it could possible to scale this experience and apply it successfully in other regions of the country. Using of such experience allows small towns closing their heat demand from local sources.

The company plan is development of similar projects in other towns in Western Ukraine. For cooperation, please contact us to e-mail or tel. numbers that are indicated in section “Contacts”.