“Com En Com” Ltd. specializes in the field of energy. Company specialists execute works on energy providing of shopfloors, administrative, office, retail and entertainment lodgings beginning with installation of external routes and stations 35 kW, and finishing with internal electric supply and illumination.

Except installation works, “Com In Com” Ltd. execute starting-up and adjustment works of equipment and systems, and, with the customer, get the concordance of inspecting authorities, which is essential for putting the object into operation.

Several directions in the field of energy can be distinguished for the company:

First. Installation of external electric networks up to 35 kW and inside “turn-key” wiring.

Second. Equipment supply, installation, starting-up and adjustment works of stations (Distributive Point, Transformer Station) up to 35 kW.

Third. “Com En Com” Ltd. offer planning, making and installation of low-voltage complete device (LCD) on the object, considering any wishes of the customer concerning configuration, completeness and schematics of electric shield equipment. At the development of electrical ovens we use modern front-rank technologies and achievements of famous worldwide firms, such as ABB, Moeller, Lovato, Schneider Electric, in accordance with IEC 439-1-85 (GOST 22789-94).

Fourth. One of the latest energy directions is using of mini-Thermoelectric Plants on the base of cogeneration machines. This device, consuming one type of fuel (for example, natural gas), can simultaneously produce electric and thermal energy in one process, and if necessary utilizable heat can be used in absorbing machines for production of cold (trigeneration).

The company specialists took part in installation and starting-up of cogenerative electric stations as a part of “Sinaps” company on “Zasiadko Mine” in Donetsk, Factory of Banknote Paper of NBU in Malin.