Capital Construction may be implemented in two ways: by contract i.e. building and specialized installation works services of contract construction organizations and by one’s own hands i.e. without a help of specialized construction organizations.

The choice of a construction method depends on specific conditions, a level of complexity of a site, technical specifications, the presence of contract organizations that are interested in implementation of works for a client etc.

The use of Contractor services is economically sound because such companies have a high level of flexibility and mobility in construction process’ organization; they also have considerable experience in implementation and management of different construction works therefore they carry out the sites more efficiently than a client by his own hands.

General contractor is an organization that, as per treaty, is the main performer of the treaty and is responsible for an implementation of full range of works. General contractor treaty usually includes an implementation of construction and installation works, delivery/ installation of engineering and technical equipment and systems. The services of General contractor also include pre- commissioning works and putting an object into operation.


  • Site’s condition inspection and necessary research
  • Cooperation with a client concerning designer’s supervision, quality control, introduction of project’s amendments and additions
  • Logistics, construction and connection culture guarantee, making of living conditions
  • Elaboration and observance of building schedule and sequence of works
  • Material supply, equipment and materials storage
  • Subcontract organization’s range of works:
    • preparation of tender and labor documentation
    • tender realization, submit of tender’s results, selection of subcontract organizations and conclusion of a treaty
    • allocation of accommodation, materials, mechanisms, equipment and other recourses
    • guarantee of scope of works and subcontract’s cooperation
    • guarantee of qualitative works on schedule
    • formal acceptance of works done and financing of works in progress
    • receipt of turn-over package (forms, surveys, certificates, registration certificates, etc.)
  • Control of safety, ecological and others standards required by legislation and authorities
  • Monitoring of completed works, Certificate of Completion signing
  • Preparation of turn-over documentation
  • Cooperation with building inspection and state supervisory bodies
  • “Turn-key” building and putting an object into operation including in stages
  • Responsibility for schedule compliance, project budget, quality of works and guarantee of warranty package.

On developed markets the principle of maximal division of functions on project realization and choosing the classical scheme “customer – developer – general contractor” is already of no doubt.

The majority of home customers use more simplified scheme: “customer (investor or his representative, executing the functions of developer) – general contractor”.

General contractor, having practical experience in documents processing which are essential for handing over the object in exploitation, substantially reduces “bureaucratic” terms and accelerates the process of accepting building in exploitation (in other words, “building object” passes to the category “real estate”).

Despite the certain price, services of qualified general contractor are always recompensed as there is no need to independently put right the building process, hire a great number of profile specialists, organize work and bear responsibility for possible mistakes made because of your own “lack of experience”.

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